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Transitioning Your Skincare for Colder Months

When the seasons start to change, the color of the leaves may not be the only transition happening. Once

the colder weather sets in, there is less moisture (humidity) in the air to help keep our skin hydrated. Increased winds paired with the cold air can also cause dry, rough, flaking, or inflamed skin. So, it's not only our closets that need to change with the weather, it's our skincare as well!

Protecting our skin from the elements becomes increasingly important, and the dry air may have us reaching for heavier, more moisturizing products. In the summer, my go-to product is my favorite Facial Oil. In the colder seasons, however, I need a more moisturizing product. I tend to use more creams and balms to provide not only moisture, but elemental protection. For some people with oilier skin, a balm may be too heavy. Certain products can fall in between a cream and balm, such as ones that contain cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is firm and solidifies similarly to a wax, but melts on contact with the skin. This makes it ideal for hydrating the skin without clogging pores or leaving residue on the surface of the skin. My favorite cocoa butter product is Cocoa Cream, it provides the perfect amount of moisture without overloading the skin.

Choosing the right moisturizer for the season can make a drastic difference in your skin health. This fall, try transitioning your routine by adding in a more nourishing moisturizer in the mornings. And remember, your skins pH naturally balances at night, so using a gentle cleanser (or just water!) in the morning is best to keep your own natural moisture. If at any point during the day your skin feels dry, don't hesitate to reapply!

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